For BRSPL safety comes first and keep this in mind we started our new product Handrails. We are manufacturing Handrails which is ready to fix. As we are suppliers of Gratings our customer get advantage to get handrails & Gratings at a same place to save time & speedy installation with more perfection.
Handrails are used as guard from platform which prevent falling. We are using M.S. pipes as a raw material which are as per IS 1239, IS 1161 or as per as customer requirement.
  1. Standard Handrails for walkway:
    There are some Standard Handrails which are use in walkway. There are available in our stocks also.
  2. Handrails for Stairs:
    These Handrails may vary as per customer requirement.
  3. Standard Handrails Bend:
    In stairs and walkway handrails, different bends are required, according to the structure. Below is the some standard bends photographs-

    BRSPL offers both Standard and customized handrails with necessary joints and bend which are easy and ready to fit.
  4. Removable Handrails:
    At some places there is requirement of removable Handrails. Which is a special type of Handrails in which single, double or triple chain joints the two posts. The ends of chains having S type hooks for attaching the eyes.