Growing demand of strip (Flat) in galvanizing condition using in Earthing and Toe Guard, we start providing the some as product of galvanized strip.

It is available in various size e.g.:
25x3, 25x5, 25x6, 30x5x30x3, 30x6, 32x5, 32x6, 35x5, 35x6, 40x5, 40x6, 50x5, 65x6, 80x10, 120x5, 150x8 etc. or as per requirement.


BRSPL having galvanizing bath of dimension 7mm in the length X 1mm in width X 1.2 mm in depth. We use 7 tank process for galvanizing the material. Material a per IS 2633, IS 2629, IS 4759, IS 6745, IS 4736 etc. are used for checking the galvanizing quality.

7 Tanks Process:

Marking: BRSPL use marks the hard punch on grating with its unique number for identification.

Storage: BRSPL having vast place of storage including open & covered storage area. Each customer having separate area of storage for easy identification and inspection.

Dispatch: BRSPL having a strong team for making the packing list and dispatch the material. Color coding done as per customer requirement. Each bundle carries the limited packing list of better identification.

A) While enquiry the gratings below should be specify:
1) Type of gratings: Electroforged & manual
2) Plain & Serrated
3) Types of panel
4) Size of main bar
5) Size of cross bar
6) Size of frame bar
7) Mesh of main bar
8) Mesh of cross bar
9) Required Finish: Self Color / Galvanized / Sand Blasted / Painted
10) Typical Drawing

B) While enquiry the handrails below should be specify:
1) Size of pipe
2) Size of Toe guard if any
3) Height of the Hand Rails
4) Requied Finish: Self Color / Galvanized / Painted
5) Typical Drawing

C) While enquiry the Cable Trays below should be specify:
1) Thickness
2) Width
3) Height
4) Types of Cable Tray
5) Required Finish: Self Color / Galvanized / Painted
6) Typical Drawing

Safety Management System:

BRSPL ensures pleasant and healthy work environment with minimum casualty. We follow statutory rules. We having training and awareness program regularly to fight from fire or electricity and other hazards.

BRSPL maintains all related documents related to HSE. we provide all the necessary arrangement for safety.